Our mission and work is centered around the idea that it takes all of us to create and maintain a more perfect democracy that works for all of us. At the League, WE TAKE ACTION. We  work to protect and expand access to elections and our government, and advocate on public policy matters that affect positive change in the life of every Ohioan. 

The League engages in advocacy and action at national, state, and local levels.  Careful research and study always precede the adoption by vote at periodic conventions or annual meetings.  This process can take years.

All advocacy at the local level should align with the positions published by LWVUS and LWVO.  If a local league wants to advocate for something not covered in those positions, it undertakes its own research and study on the topic.  Advocates coordinate with the appropriate League level (US, Ohio, Licking County) when seeking to speak on behalf of the League.

women hold signs
Fair Districts rally at Ohio Statehouse LWV Licking

The LWVLC Program of action will continue to focus on the Campaign for Making Democracy Work.  This is what our program has historically been about. This ties into where we spend our energy, efforts, money and time. We will again be focused on voting rights, improving elections, campaign finance/money in politics, redistricting and educating voters on the voting process to ensure their votes count.