If you are concerned about how expanding EDchoice vouchers will affect public schools, you can support LWV Ohio’s lobbying efforts.  Here is a recent letter from LWVO.

The last three months of advocacy to prevent an explosion in the number of Edchoice vouchers and to prevent burdening local communities with this uninvited cost, has not produced a solution. Thankfully, it has created a wonderful outpouring of support for public education. 

As the April 1 deadline looms, the League can be part of two initiatives to keep up the pressure. 

  1. The first is a letter writing campaign targeting the senate and Governor. Senate Bill 89 is the best option. It passed the house with flying colors, but the senate turned it down with only 7 yes votes. SB 89 will need 17 senators to vote yes. Ten people hold the fate of more than 400 communities in their hands.  Despite hours of testimony that challenged the report card and deduction funding, the senate majority and the Governor seem unwilling to consider the downside for the state and communities of insisting on test-based judgment. 
    Attached is a template letter to send to your state senator, to senate president Larry Obhof, and to Governor DeWine to let them know we want them to support public education. The letter can be formatted with your local League logo and tailored for your senator. If you are having a local League meeting before April 1, please prepare a set of these letters and give members a few minutes to sign the letters, add their address, and add a personal note. Then send them as a group to each recipient.
  2.  The second initiative is the Rally for Public Education at the Statehouse on March 18. I have attached a flyer. I hope that every League will be represented when we walk from the League office to the Statehouse under the LWVO banner. Arrive by 3:00 to walk together. This was already shared by the state office with all LWVO members, but additional messaging from the local level and an organized trip to Columbus for those would be key to a successful presence of the League at this event.  

Your help is deeply appreciated.

Hope to see you in Columbus!

Susie Kaeser

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