Opportunities coming up for Redistricting Reformers


We have exciting news for Ohio’s Fair Maps Redistricting Reformers!

Dave Daley, author of Ratf*cked, has another book coming out soon.

The new book is called Unrigged, and it chronicles, in part, our struggle for redistricting reform here in Ohio. It even contains a scene from Ohio’s Issue 1 victory night celebration in May of 2018!

Dave will be on a book tour in the spring, stopping in Columbus on Thursday, April 2. We plan to hold an event that evening where Dave will speak. It will in part be a fundraiser for Common Cause Ohio. We will have additional opportunities during that day for folks to meet and talk with Dave.

Are you interested in being part of a small planning committee for this event? We think it’s a great opportunity to hear from Dave, raise some funds, and kick off the important work we need to do this year to get ready for redistricting in 2021.

If you are interested in helping us plan this event, fill out this form.  

We will schedule an initial planning meeting towards the end of February.

Additional Redistricting Opportunities

If event planning is not your thing but you are ready to get re-engaged with redistricting work, we have other areas that need attention.

  • We are looking for redistricting reformers who will help promote our “Pledge to End Gerrymandering.” We are forming a committee that will work to spread the word and garner additional pledges, especially from prominent Ohioans.
  • Pretty soon we will begin work on our “Draw the Line Ohio” map making competition. We are seeking redistricting reformers and map-drawing enthusiasts to join a committee whose task will be to get the competition up and running.

If you are interested in either of these tasks/opportunities, fill out the form and indicate your area of interest in the last question.  

We look forward to hearing from you soon and working with you again!

Thanks for all you do,

Catherine Turcer & the Common Cause Ohio team


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