Automatic Voter Registration

We have the opportunity to make our elections here in Ohio more inclusive, accurate, and secure with one simple reform: Automatic Voter Registration (AVR).

Here’s how it works: when any eligible voter visits their BMV or another public state office, their information is automatically verified and securely added to the voter rolls, unless they opt out.

AVR would make our election system much safer, less expensive, and more accessible. It’s a much-needed improvement over our cumbersome, outdated voter registration process. Plus, it’d significantly increase the number of eligible voters who participate in our democracy — and make sure election results more accurately reflect what the people want.

It’s time to bring this simple, groundbreaking solution to Ohio. Add your name and tell your representatives to support AVR!


Automatic Voter Registration is just common sense — and it’s already delivering major results in states across the country.

In those states that have adopted it, hundreds of thousands of eligible voters have already been added to the rolls. In Oregon, AVR was enacted in time for the 2016 elections — and that fall, the state bucked a nationwide low-turnout trend with at least 100,000 newly registered voters showing up to the polls.

Now, we’re leading the fight to bring AVR to Ohio — because every voter here has the right to be heard and to select the people and policies that affect their family, their friends, and their community.

Together, we can reform our electoral process for the better — and make sure every eligible voter in our state can cast a ballot. Sign the petition and show your support for AVR today!

There’s no reason to delay any longer. Let’s bring this simple, groundbreaking solution to Ohio.

Thanks for all you do,
Catherine Turcer, Executive Director
and the team at Common Cause Ohio

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