2019 Program Summary

The Women’s Voices Project: Training the Next Gen of Women Leaders

Executive Summary

The LWVLC Development Committee met to determine the approach for this year’s Women’s Voices Project.   The Committee’s plan was to reach out to a targeted list of four high schools and set up a Program Introduction Event at a central location with representatives and students from those schools. Additionally, the goal had been to target a total of 20 students for the Mentoring and Leadership program. For these students, annual membership dues to our League would be paid by LWVLC.

Five Watkins Memorial High School and one Heath High School student made the commitment to the program and were paired with LWVLC mentors.  Mentors and mentees met to design a personalized program of three events or activities to meet the grant requirements.

Challenges were created due to the late start in organizing and gaining access to the high schools.  Further, once into the Spring Semester the students engaged were also committed to other curricular and co-curricular activities.  Scheduling time for mentor/mentee meetings and activities was often difficult.  However, the girls engaged in a variety of political and issue-based activities that included observing city council meetings, attending LWVO Statehouse Day, and attending panel discussions. Both mentees and mentors expressed satisfaction with the experience but all desired more time.  Our experiences this year have helped inform our recommendations for next year.  This includes beginning outreach to the High Schools early in the year (August/ September).  Additionally, we believe that a liaison at the school, who can assist in providing a space for the students to share their experiences, coordinate activities, and highlight concerns would be highly beneficial.

Link to the Full Report: http://lwvlickingcounty.org/empowering-women-2019-exec-summary/


Student Recruitment

Student Engagement

Lessons Learned


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