Action Alert


THE ISSUE: A bailout of Ohio’s two old, noncompetitive nuclear power plants is being disguised as a “Clean Air Program” in House Bill 6. This bill:

  • imposes a monthly charge on all Ohio electric consumers to bailout outdated, money-losing nuclear plants, even if they don’t get electricity from those plants. 
  • weakens Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards.
  • favors greenhouse gas producers, such as coal and natural gas.

THE ASK: Call your rep and tell them that you OPPOSE House Bill 6 – The Clean Air Program – because: 

  • The way forward for an environmentally AND economically healthier Ohio is by supporting safe and affordable clean energy like wind, solar, and energy efficiency.  
  • Subsidizing noncompetitive, outdated nuclear plants will cause Ohio to fall behind neighboring states in job and economic growth.

Thank you, 

Jen Miller LWV Ohio Executive Director

League of Women Voters of Ohio | 614-469-1505 |

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