Poll Workers Needed

Dear Friends in League,

Poll workers, or Precinct Elections Officials, are an essential ingredient in fair and legitimate elections.  Election day is long but you sleep with the satisfaction of having expended your energy well.  Training is required but your time is compensated.

Please consider this message from Andrea Eastman, member of the Licking County Board of Elections


We need you!

Become a Precinct Election Official in Licking County

 A Precinct Election Official (PEO), also known as a poll worker, is an election judge who, on Election Day, is responsible for proper and orderly voting in their assigned polling location. PEOs must arrive at their assigned location on election morning at 5:30 am and remain there until the polls close at 7:30 pm (and the last voter in line at 7:30 pm has voted), until all records are balanced, and until all equipment is loaded to return to the Board of Elections office. Licking County needs about 400 PEOs for each election. 

Am I eligible to be a PEO? Yes, if you are:

* A registered voter in Licking County
* Willing to attend a paid training session lasting 1 1/2 to 2 hours
* Enjoy working with people
* Are comfortable with technology
* Have reliable transportation
* Have never been convicted of a felony

What are the benefits of being a PEO?

* PEOs earn $130.00 for their service on Election Day
* PEOs are paid $20.00 to attend mandatory training
* A feeling of accomplishment that you have performed an important civic duty for your community
* Meet new people
* Learn how elections work

Sign up to be a PEO by contacting the Board of Elections at 740-670-5080,
emailing us at elections@lcounty.com

or filling out an online form at http://www.voterfind.com/lickingoh/pwapp.aspx
and we will notify you later for the next training class.


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