The League of Women Voters of Licking County sprang to life in August 2017 at a general meeting in Newark, Ohio attended by about 40 women and men.  It welcomes anyone in the county who wants to learn about political issues and support the democratic process through civic discourse, voter registration, and voter education.

Founded by Carrie Chapman Catt in 1920 and rooted in the movement for women’s suffrage, the League is a national non-partisan political organization.  It remains staunchly non-partisan with regard to political party and individual candidates, but it practices education and advocacy on a variety of political and social issues such as protecting voter rights including redistricting reform, promoting affordable health care, including women’s reproductive health, and supporting policies that protect natural resources and mitigate climate change.

The League is not entirely new in Licking County.  Previously, it thrived for decades as the Licking County League of Women Voters (compare the wording to our current name), but disbanded in the 1990s.  Now after more than 20 years it reappears to address the challenges and opportunities of a new political era.

And we are not alone.  Across the United States, LWV membership has grown by around 12 percent since the 2016 election.  In Ohio, it has grown by about 16 percent over the same period.  Ours is one of two new chapters in the state.   More than ever, it seems, people are looking for ways to engage civilly with others and to contribute positively to political life in their communities.

Please join us!

The formation of the LWV of Licking County, Ohio